Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tag! I'm it!

Lisa tagged me.
So I guess I'm it. I never really liked the game of tag as a kid. I think it was the running thing. I've never been very good a that. If I got tagged it there was a good chance I would stay that way.

Well, looks like the game just evolves as you get older. After sitting on this few busy days I'm taking my turn a s IT and tagging some more friends :) I'm just glad I don't have to run.

6 Interesting/Insignificant Thing about Me!

I was once in a beauty pagent when I was 5. My mom mad me an pretty frou frou dress. I totally didn't win any thig but it was fun to wear a pretty dress and go to Pizza hut afterward (a special treat back then)

2 I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up and so I started off college thinking I wanted to go into engineering. Ha Ha! I even spent my summers in High school going to an engineering pre program and even a semester of weekend math classes. Yes I was a nerd. I ended up majoring in art and animation. I was a real Disney nut in high school so I shouldn' t be too suprised

3. I have a secret super power. I can find things ! Usually lost things around the house like my keys when my son has hidden them away for a week, or his suit pants that were no where to be seen and not where they were supposed to be. So usually I find the small things that get lost around the house. But on occassion I find bigger things like a free and nice couch when I had none or free night stands that matched my bedroom.
The cool thing is I can teach how you can have this super power too! That's for another blog. I'll post that to my Thoughtful Journey blog. For now I'm working on finding more money :)
I've been looking for the next million dollar idea...I know it's around here somewhere. ;)

4. I've been in a Lockheed Martin secret lab and checked out simulators of the space station and shuttle at NASA. My uncle worked at the lab and they opened it up during an open house. And on a field trip to NASA they tooks us on a behind the scenes tour. I even got t o be down by the training pool( just not very close) and into an old mission control room. where we tried to push a few buttons (every thing was shut off)

5. I can claim to be a SMOF.
6. Took Author Patricia C . Wrede to breakfast and High Mass.
7.Did a road trip to Maine on a four day weekend.
This was crazy and insane. Never do this. Connecicut traffic is the worst.
8. Elder/general oaks spoke in our ward. A couple times in fact. His son was in our ward for a while. they were the coolest family. This summer I went to church and was shocked to hear him speaking (I was out in the hall) and his son had moved away last year. But They all showed up that day for a family event. And I almost stayed home becaue it was my due date.
9. lived next to the SLC cemetary. I use to take walks there as a kid with my great grandmother

Ok so that was three more than I was supposed to do.
I now tag Marie, Drew, and Kathy.

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Lisa said...

Very interesting! I didn't know that about Elder Oaks before.