Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family Portraits...

We are about to take our family portraits tomorrow. They just keep getting put off. We talke with our friends about getting them done last week. But then we decided it would work out better this weekend. I was fine with that ( I thought that would give me some to zap away some zits that only showed up becuase we were about to take pictures. ) But then my oldest boy took a dive off the picnic table bench at pre school. He had a bump that has turned int o a colorful bruise. Green, purple, yellow, that thing could teach his class their colors (ok, it's not that bad just a little make up and it would be fine.) Then when playing at his friends he gets a scratch on his other eyebrow.

Now I'm wishing we had just taken the pictures last week. I could have just used a bit of makeup on me. So if that wasn't enough he's caught a cold. No biggie, just have lots of tissue on hand. But no, with a three year old boy that is not enough. He and a friend got in a tussle at our weekly game night gathering an he got a scratched under the eye. Now he really looks like something the cat dragged in.

Our friends taking the pictures asked if we could reschedule for monday. "Good," I think a couple more days would be good for my son to have a chance of a bright and clear complextion ( and I can get the laundry done so we have matching outfits).

This morning the baby woke up with goobers in his eye! Oh, well! We better take those pictures tomorrow or something else will come up. I may just have to settle for a family portrait that reflects the bumps and bruises and boogers that come along with family life with two boys. Or we can just photoshop those away ;) Either way we'll have a family portrait that tells the story of our happy family.

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Lisa said...

Isn't that just how it is?
Put some windex on all those bumps and bruises!