Thursday, January 29, 2009

Too Busy Having Fun!

Pictures from the Aquarium . The Rocky Shore splash zone was a big hit as well as the jellies.


Monterey Beach Fisheman's warf

The view form Marina Beach on the way home from Walmart.

Splashing in the waves on Monterey Beach

Light Saber fighting at the Park.

I've been gone from my blogs for a while.
I'm not going to appologize. (at least not for this blog)

Here's why.
I've been too busy having fun and enjoying life where I am living with my family. The weather has been spring like and perfect. The beach calls to run my toes in the sand with the baby. To jump waves with my older son. To climb rock and explore tide pools.
The park beckons us to go out and play . There are trees to be climbed and games of ball to play and Light Sabers to battle with. The neighborhood calls to be walked and explored. to see the bay at sunset and find new friends.
The aquarium waits for us to explore the under water wold that exist just over the dunes from us. The jelly Fish, Sea Dragons, and otters are some of our favorites things to see.
The Weekly Farmers Market Provides a fun Family activity on Tuesday night. We get our favorite local specialties. Fresh Sparky's root beer for My husband, Fresh picked Strawberries (yes even in January) for my son who wants "Stwa berries!" and whatever strikes our fancy and budget for the week. Often Fresh hummus, churros, or other exotic food sold on the street. We find gourmet salad dressings and unique Honeys. Incredible almonds with flavors like Honey Orange and Cajin Spice from local orchards. MY husband found me unique abalone earrings and a warm elegant alpaca pancho. We enjoy the time as a family and the fun things we find.
There is so much to explore and see here. We are only here for a short time. So if my blog is neglected you know why. I'm too busy living and loving life.

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